Digital Communication


Digital Communication

Qubits: This is how quantum bits work


Qubits must be generated before they can be used in quantum computers. While silicon chips are typically used to manipulate classical bits, quantum computers require new technologies. Various methods are available for this purpose. For example, ions are “captured” in magnetic and electric fields or artificial and real photons, quasi-particles and atoms are used. In the case of so-called “ion traps”, qubits are also measured by microwave radiation. Google uses quantum chips, in which streams flowing in circles represent one qubit each. Here too, the measurement of the qubits is carried out by microwave radiation.

The use of qubits in quantum computers does not only result in an exponential increase in performance. Of new hardware and software technologies and new programming approaches are also needed to manipulate the qubits read and stored in the quantum grids. As these are highly volatile quantum systems, computers are required to reliably link quantum bits on the order of a few million.

Another essential aspect of current quantum computing technology is proper cooling. As with all computing systems, generating high-performance qubits releases heat. To deliver optimal and safe performance, quantum computers must therefore be cooled close to the absolute temperature zero point (-273.15 degrees Celsius).

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