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Digital Communication

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If you want to sell a product, you need advertising. But how does marketing work to publicize a webpage? To do this, we mainly rely on the online marketing. But traditional marketing also has its advantages, which continue to exist. Web spots on television or radio, as well as print and poster advertising create widespread awareness for a product. Online marketing is generally more targeted. Some of the most important advertising measures in online marketing are therefore relatively inexpensive and are more likely to generate leads, i.e. prospects or customers. Much of the work is used to avoid scattering losses. How does it work?

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) increases the likelihood that you will be found in a search engine for a specific search term (the “Keyword”).
  • Search engine advertising (SEA) places the cheapest and most accurately possible ads in a highly visible place in a search engine’s search results. These ads look like organic search results and also refer to offers from your online presence.
  • In the affiliate marketing, advertisers place their ads on relevant websites. In return, the website operator receives a commission, often based on lead generation.
  • THE content marketingalso called inbound marketinge aims to arouse the interest of the target group with editorial content, and to convince with know-how and humor or, as a consultant, to gain the trust of potential customers and, in the best case, to keep them for the long term.
  • Email marketing is a good way to address customers on an individual basis. Those who willingly provide their contact information are likely to be more interested in your offers and content.
  • Advertising bannersplaced on appropriate themed websites, attract customers to your offerings with expressive images and calls to action (call to action).
  • Social media increase reach and open up creative opportunities for customer engagement and provide an affordable platform for small businesses.
  • multimedia content is in vogue. Anyone who produces short videos or podcasts can also score points in the mobile sector.

Before using any of these marketing methods, analyze how visitors use your site. How long do users stay and on which sub-pages, topics or products are of long-term interest? To the extent permitted by law, and with the consent of site visitors, you may analyze data that provides you with clues about the interests and characteristics of your target audience. Only then is it relevant to develop a longer-term marketing strategy. Enjoy a mix of strong content, SEO, effective third-party advertising and an active social media presence. These actions take time, but you will most likely be rewarded for your efforts with better customer relations.

To extend your scopeeven with customers less accustomed to the Internet and, in general, to make known your brand image in the real world, use the classic marketing. Through QR codes, web address or social media hashtags, you reference your internet presence and make your webpage known. The right mix of online and offline marketing increases the popularity of your website.

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