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PostgreSQL vs. MySQL: Which Should You Choose?


Comparing PostgreSQL vs. MySQL, they are clearly very different, but which of these two database management systems should you use for your project? Fortunately, the answer is simple: use PostgreSQL if you have specific needs for your database. If not, MySQL is sufficient.

In other words, you would use PostgreSQL to implement the website of a bank or an organization dealing with critical data. Full ACID compliance pays off in this case. A higher demand for data stability and consistency justifies the complexity of ORDBMS. In addition, sufficient resources for a high-performance PostgreSQL environment are available there.

Another application of PostgreSQL takes place whena project architecture requires the management of sophisticated data models. For mapping complex object hierarchies or in cases where inheritance is needed as a central component of the data model, opting to use this powerful ORDBMS is a good choice. This can save you from having to use object-relational mapping (ORM).

For the small to medium web projects, MySQL is the best option. The RDBMS is less greedy in terms of server resources. It is easier to find an experienced and affordable MySQL administrator. Its strong performance when reading data makes it a good option for websites and small online stores.

Finally, it is important to note that PostgreSQL and MySQL can be used in tandem. This is particularly interesting if data warehousing solutions are used. Typically, one or more externally open MySQL instances are used in such a configuration. They collect data and pass it to a PostgreSQL installation that conducts assessments and analysis.

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