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NFTART: tokens and cryptocurrency for the art trade


As the NFTART token and the concept as a whole are still relatively new, only a few NFT exchanges deal directly with the token. Anyway, the idea of ​​the instigators of is to drain the mining and trading on their own platform with the tools recommended there. There are two ways to get NFTART tokens:

you buy a work of art or music which is offered on and and the corresponding NFTART token directly from the artist, either at a fixed price or through auctions Works are sometimes offered in BNB or other cryptocurrencies, sometimes also in euros or US dollars. A compatible crypto wallet is necessary in any case.

If you are more interested in NFTART only to cryptocurrency and associated trade, you should adopt the following approach:

  1. first log in to Binance exchange platform and configure the Metamask wallet to buy the corresponding cryptocurrency.
  2. You buy the Binance cryptocurrency (BNB) with Binance and transfer it to your wallet. Limited transaction fees apply.
  3. Now link your wallet to the decentralized crypto exchange Pancake Swap. This platform is one of the few or largest exchanges dedicated to trading NFTARTs.
  4. Then exchange your BNB vs. NFTART at the current rate.

If you want to resell an NFT Art Finance token and make a possible profit in the classic currency, proceed in the opposite way: you exchange your NFTART for BNB or another cryptocurrency, then for euros.

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