Digital Communication


Digital Communication

Newsletter marketing: an effective tool for customer loyalty


4. Pay attention to the structure and layout of newsletters

Even the best content will go unnoticed if its presentation is not appealing. A uniform layout increases the chances of your brand being recognized and reinforces thegraphic identity of the company. The company logo should be recognizable right from the header and a link to the website should be included. A good overview and intuitive navigation are essential, as is harmonious and legible typography. Always keep an eye on the structure and design of the email, which should be adapted to the type of reading offered. To do this, you must follow certain rules:

  • Place the most important content in the visible area

Just like the layout of websites, a newsletter should follow the principle above the fold, or the waterline. To follow this principle, all important content must be placed above the “fold”, i.e. what is represented by the lower limit of the screen that you see on a web page. Thus, the visitor sees all the essential information without having to scroll down the content of the page. In the web domain, this refers to the browser window (600 pixels). Newsletters should also apply this principle, including all important information in this visible space (content, main messages and promotions). Above all, it is the call-to-action that is important to see in this part of the screen, and this should motivate the recipient to continue reading.

  • The call to action

The layout of the newsletter plays a very important role for the CTA (call-to-action) mentioned above. The call to action will only be effective if the customer clicks further. The layout of newsletters is variable, generally the text will stand out visually from links and call-to-action buttons (such as “click here to find out more”). The content must be formulated in a clear and concise manner. Your benefits should be highlighted in just a few sentences, or even a single sentence. Give the customer a good reason to continue reading.

  • Use attractive visuals

In addition to the content, the layout and the use of calls to action, one must of course also take into account the presentation of the newsletter. For example, you can highlight promotions, click or action buttons by playing with color codes. Thus, the receiver’s attention may be captured by certain elements rather than others. To do this, choose the priority elements. If you use images or graphics, make sure they have a alt attribute. This attribute is used to provide alternative text if the image cannot be loaded. If your image promotes a product, for example, this should also be visible in the alt text.

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