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Digital Communication

MX Linux: a reliable and refined solution for Linux


What makes the MX Linux operating system specific is precisely that it is nothing special or that it does not necessarily seek to stand out. Its developers have indeed preferred to focus on solid foundations, a clean desktop environment and a user-friendly strategy, for a system particularly suitable for beginners. If MX Linux is not a system as simple as Arch Linux, particularly minimalist, the distribution is still much more refined than many other operating systems. This can, among other things, be explained by the Xfce desktop, which can also be replaced by Plasma (from KDE). Through the use of antiX elements, it is also possible to install MX Linux as a standalone system and test it as such.

MX Linux contains many programs that allow you to make good use of it right from the start: Firefox, GIMP, LibreOffice, Thunderbird and VLC media player are already installed there. When it comes to system management, MX Linux offers several MX tools to clean up the hard drive and bring it back in order. For example, MX Snapshot is a tool for copying live sessions into a single ISO file. An installation-related graphical tool is also available, so beginners don’t need any prior knowledge.

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