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MongoDB Create Index: create indexes


To understand what the MongoDB Create Index command is for and why it’s important if you work with a database management system every day, it’s worth looking at the structure of MongoDB.

Unlike relational systems such as MySQL, this NoSQL solution is not based on tables, but rather on documents stored in collections. As it does not rely on a schema, it is scalable and very flexible. This solution allows you to create huge databases, create collections and feed your documents. However, if you are sending a locate request for specific data or a particular set of data, you need order. To do this, indexes should be used.

In addition to bringing order to a database, an index also makes it easier to request processing by the system. If you have a huge collection with several thousand documents, not only do the wait times increase, but the results also lose clarity. However, by adding indexes to your documents, you help to better classify them, which will then allow you to find them more easily. Indeed, as only a part of the documents must ultimately be read, this greatly improves the efficiency of the search. To do this, try the MongoDB Create Index command.

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