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Digital Communication

Mob Programming: software development model


Mob programming is a relatively recent method of software development, which primarily emphasizes teamwork with a specific organization. It is inspired by agile software development and aims to remove hierarchical structures, which most often impede the speed and efficiency of decision-making. The emphasis on teamwork is also modeled on other agile methods of software development.

L’collaborative approach which characterizes mob programming can also be interpreted as an evolution of pair programming. In this method, developers work in pairs on software, applying the principle “Two brains are better than one”, while a mob programming team can count five to ten developers.

But mob programming still has many other particularities that distinguish it from traditional teamwork: instead of working simultaneously on several computers using well-known collaboration tools in the IT world, such as GitHub, mob programming are only based on a single terminal most often by projecting his screen on a wall using a projector, so that everyone can see it. The components of the whole system are also not distributed among the various developers, even if these may have their own specialties.

In the case of mob programming, all team members working simultaneously on the same code. In the same way, the developers as a whole take part in the elaboration of the specifications, the tests and the deployment of the software.

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