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Microsoft 365 Login: how to log in?


You can sign in to your Microsoft 365 account in several ways. Our instructions show how the connection takes place and what to pay attention to.

How to access the Microsoft 365 login?

The connection to Microsoft 365 is done via the web browser or via one of the Microsoft services such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneDrive. Admins log in to manage user accounts through the admin center.

The easiest way to connect to Microsoft 365 is to follow this link directly: Alternatively, it is possible to use the login pages And

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How does signing in to Microsoft 365 work?

How you connect depends primarily on how you log in. The following possibilities exist:

Through web browser

Step 1 : go to the Microsoft page and click on the profile icon with the mention ” Sign into your account “ at the top right or the “Connection” button in the middle.

The Microsoft Office home page for logging in
The profile icon on the Office home page leads directly to signing in to Microsoft 365.

2nd step : to sign in to Microsoft 365, enter your login data, an email address and password, then log in.

Step 3: then select the app you want to launch. The sidebar at the top left allows you to easily view, open or change the Microsoft applications you want in the browser.

As administrator

Step 1 : to log in as an administrator and manage user accounts, go to Microsoft 365 admin center.

2nd step : To log in to Admin Center, enter your login dataan email address and a password.

Step 3: then select the app you want to launch. The sidebar at the top left allows you to easily view, open or change the Microsoft applications you want in the browser.

Through Android or iOS

Step 1 : open the Office application on your smartphone and go to “Account”. Then select ” To log in “.

Sign in to Microsoft Office on an iOS smartphone
The connection to the Office application also works on a smartphone, by entering the email address, the telephone number or the pseudonym linked to the account.

2nd step : enter your login information and select the app you want to use.

Through a Microsoft desktop app

Step 1 : open an Office application installed on your computer (ex: Word), and go to “File” at the top left. Then select ” Account “then “Login”.

Under “File” and “Account” of an application of a Microsoft service, you will find the sign-in button.

2nd step : log in with your login data.

What are the prerequisites to be able to connect to Microsoft 365?

To sign in to Microsoft 365, you need a Microsoft account registered for Microsoft 365. It can be a personal, university, school or professional account. Microsoft accounts are free by default. They only pay if you buy Microsoft 365 and opt for a Premium subscription model. If you don’t have a Microsoft account yet, you can create one here:

What connection options are available when logging in?

When Microsoft asks you to enter your login details, further sign-in depends on whether two-step authentication has been activated or not. By default, the connection is made with an email address and a secure password. With two-factor authentication, it is possible to log in by phone call, text message or Microsoft’s authenticator app, which virtually eliminates unauthorized access.

These apps can be used after login

As part of a free Microsoft account, the main productivity apps and tools and other Microsoft services are available to you as a web application. You can access it directly from your account. Available apps may vary depending on the type and scope of your subscription.

The “Applications” menu in the Microsoft 356 account
In your Microsoft 365 account, you will find in the menu on the left under “Applications” all available applications, for example Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

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