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Digital Communication

Livestream shopping: its role in e-commerce


Livestream shopping is a virtual sale during which products are offered and presented live. This type of event can be hosted by employees of a company, but also by influencers. The latter have already proven themselves in terms of marketing for online shops in the past. Studies also show that the recommendation of products by influencers worked much better than other recommendation systems specific to e-commerce, as long as they were reliable and adapted to the audience concerned.

If, at first glance, this solution looks like new generation teleshopping, it offers considerable advantages compared to this sales method of the 1980s: by taking advantage of new technologies and personalities active on social networksthe livestream shopping is now targeting a customer base wider, and above all younger. Furthermore, this experience is not nearly as one-sided as it used to be: the organizers of these live events can indeed respond to individual questions and requests from spectators, thanks to a continuously functioning chat in order to facilitate Communication.

The term ” live-shopping is often used, incorrectly, as a synonym for “livestream shopping”. The concept of live shopping actually designates a limited time special offer, in particular in the field of electronic devices; this trend is particularly prevalent in the United States.

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