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Last Oasis private server: how to create and host it?


The fights Player versus Player (PvP) for resources and raw survival isn’t for everyone. If you prefer PvE (Player versus Environment) adventures, a Last Oasis private server with its own rules is in this case the perfect choice. We show you what equipment you need to create it.

Since its release on March 26, 2020, Last Oasis has had its ups and downs. Thus, shortly after its release on Steam, the survival game quickly ranked among the Bestsellers and had up to 33,000 concurrently active players at peak times. The early euphoria soon dissipated, however, not least because many players weren’t up to the intense PvP aspect of the game. Thanks to various new features like the ability to host your own private Last Oasis, developer Donkey Crew was able to halt the downward trend. We take you step by step on the way to creating your own Last Oasis server.

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