Digital Communication


Digital Communication

Introduction to Big Data as a Service (BDaaS)


Big Data and data-driven decision making are critical to business success and growth. With the progress of digitization and the growth of the e-commerce market, the analysis and storage of large amounts of data is a significant competitive advantage. This is especially true with organizations that require structured and scalable data analytics, but lack the required infrastructure resources and capabilities, and IT expertise. Large enterprises in banking, security, communications, media, education, wholesale and retail are thus tapping into virtually unlimited capabilities, even for very large Big Data processes. .

From small and medium-sized enterprises to large enterprises and institutions, all can rely on BDaaS to take advantage of elastic scalability “on demand”, but also real-time analysis of large flows. almost unlimited data and storage capacity. This reinforces thelong-term strategic direction of business processes and provides a powerful big data infrastructure at relatively low cost.

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