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Digital Communication

HTML div element: the importance of the div container and its structure


To get an idea of ​​what the HTML div element is, just look at the origin of the term. div comes from the English word division, that is to say “section”, “division” or even “split”. A container div serves primarily as container for other HTML elements. It is certainly possible to position groups and areas, but div does not have its own semantic meaning in HTML. Its main role is therefore to create and delimit areas which can then be formatted with CSS. The container div has no influence on the layout or content of a website.

This is the reason why div no longer plays such an important role in HTML. While the HTML div element was used frequently in previous versions, its use was severely limited with HTML5 and HTML 5.1. Only when no other element, such as article, aside, header, hand, navigation Where section, cannot be used that one has to resort to the container div for construction. It is therefore recommended, before using div in HTML, to first look for semantically more suitable solutions. As a block level element, the container div is inserted in a line break before and after.

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