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how to create a gmail account


To create a Gmail account, simply go to the Gmail website and click “Create Account”. Recently, you may often be asked to provide a telephone number during registration. So you need to customize your privacy settings when you create your Gmail address.

Quick Guide: Set Up Gmail

  1. Go to the website where you can create a Google account.
  2. Fill in the requested information, such as your name, the Gmail address you want to use, and your password.
  3. Then enter your phone number and/or set an email address for your account recovery. Specify your date of birth and gender.
  4. Accept Google’s terms and conditions and the corresponding privacy statement before clicking “Create account”.

Quick Overview of the Pros and Cons of Gmail

Gmail is one of the most successful free email providers on the market. This privileged position is explained, among other things, by the following five advantages:

  • Free inbox, large storage capacity, SSL encryption and two-factor authentication
  • Easy to use and clear user interface
  • Seamless integration of Google applications (Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, etc.)
  • Large number of users
  • Different possibilities thanks to Gmail extensions

You can also synchronize your Gmail account with other accounts and devices or take advantage of the effectiveness of its filter against unwanted and/or advertising emails.

Gmail has a few drawbacks, however. For example, Google collects your personal information when you create your account. For the new Gmail accounts, a phone number is even required. Although it is still possible to create an account without associating a telephone number, this is requested for most registration attempts. Google also uses user data to create personal profiles ; the criticisms concerning the further processing of this data are therefore justified. If you want to delete your Gmail account, whether for these or other reasons, there are many other alternatives available to you.

To use Gmail and other Google apps in a centralized and flexible way, discover Google Workspace, a solution offered by IONOS, and benefit from priority Google support and a link to your own domain.

Create a Gmail account: a free and easy process

Follow our instructions to create your Gmail account in a few steps.

Step 1 : To open a new Gmail account, go to the web page for create a Google account. You can also go to the Google home page; click on “Register” (top right), then “ Create an account “. You can then choose to create this account for yourself, for a child or for a business. For this example, we will choose to create it for ourselves.

Account creation options on the Google login page
Under “Create an account” on the Google login page, set the purpose of your account.

2nd step : You should now be on the “Create Google Account” page. Fill in your username (usually this is your first and last name), set the email address you want, and create a sufficiently complex password for your account. You can change your Gmail password at any time after you create your account. Now click “Continue”.

Registration page for creating a Google account
On the Google Account sign-up page, fill in the required information (like your username or password).

Step 3: on the next page, it is necessary to fill in other mandatory information, such as your phone numberyour date of birth, your gender and a email address allowing you, if necessary, to recover your account (optional). Click “Continue” again.

Google registration page for entering other necessary user data
To create a Google account, you must specify your phone number.

Step 4: the last step is to check the two boxes allowing you to accept Google’s terms and conditions and privacy statement. Finally, click on “Create an account”.

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