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How to block a contact on WhatsApp?


It’s very easy to block unknown or unwanted contacts from your WhatsApp settings. Likewise, there are ways to find out if someone has blocked you. But before moving on to actually blocking a WhatsApp contact, it might be a good idea to look into the effects this has and how blocked contacts can be unblocked again.

How to quickly block a contact on WhatsApp?

Step 1 : In the chat window, click the profile name of the contact you want to block.

2nd step : scroll through the profile information to “ To block “.

Step 3: To delete a contact, the “Block” option is sufficient. If the number seems suspicious or you think it is spam, it is recommended to click on “Report ”, then “Report and block” to ensure that the contact is also blocked on WhatsApp servers.

Block WhatsApp contacts via “Privacy”

When there are no active chats containing the contact you want to block, you can block them via “Privacy” in your profile settings. This method works on both Android and iOS. Proceed as follows:

Step 1 : Go to settings in the WhatsApp app. They are located at the bottom right of the screen.

2nd step : in your profile menu, go to “Account” and select “ Confidentiality “.

Step 3: scroll down the “Privacy” menu and select “ Blocked “.

Step 4: under “Blocked” you will see a list of all previously blocked contacts (if there has). To add an existing contact to the list of blocked contacts, click “Add new…”. You will thus have access to all of your contacts and will be able to choose the profile in question from the list.

WhatsApp “Blocked” menu
Under “Privacy” and “Blocked”, it is possible to add existing contacts to the list of blocked contacts.

Step 5: This way you can only block contacts, but not report them. To report a contact to WhatsApp, go to the chat window and profile corresponding to the contact in question, as described above.

It exists many reasons why one might want to block a WhatsApp number. Someone may be harassing you or you may receive spam and malware from an unknown contact. However, understanding the effects of blocking a WhatsApp contact is just as important as knowing how to recover WhatsApp contacts or how to recover WhatsApp chats.

What happens after you block a WhatsApp contact?

Once you block a WhatsApp number, you will not receive any messages or calls from them in the future and will be protected from any harassment or scam attempts. If you block an existing, known contact on WhatsApp, the following will happen:

  • A blocked contact will not be able to send you a message or call you.
  • Information such as your availability status, status updates or profile photo changes will no longer be visible by the blocked contact.
  • Contacts blocked on WhatsApp will continue to be part of your contact list and will need to be deleted separately from your phone’s directory.
  • Discussions prior to the blocking will remain on the blocked contact’s WhatsApp account.
  • A blocked contact can continue to send messages to your number, but will not be able to contact you (sent messages will be visible with a single check mark for them).
  • If you and the blocked contact belong to the same whatsapp groupwe advise you to leave the group, as your messages and theirs will remain visible to the group.

Since 2015, the popular instant messaging application WhatsApp has been available in a web version, compatible on Windows and Mac : WhatsApp for PC.

Unblock a blocked contact

To unblock a contact, go to the blocked contacts from your WhatsApp account, as described above. You will be able to unblock the contact at any time.

We recommend that you create a WhatsApp backup of your chats, in case you later want to recover data shared with blocked contacts.

Want to backup your contacts, chat history and other WhatsApp data? IONOS HiDrive online storage offers automated backup functionality and reliable data security.

How to see if you have been blocked on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp does not send notifications to users when they have been blocked. But there are a few signs that someone has blocked you:

  • You can no longer see their status updates or availability status.
  • You no longer see a contact’s profile photo.
  • Sent messages only receive one checkmark.
  • You can’t call them anymore.

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