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Digital Communication

GitOps: what is it? -IONOS


In software development, automation is important. This is one of the reasons why DevOps has gained such popularity. The underlying idea is that of “Infrastructure as Code” (IaC), the intention of which is to map the infrastructures and configurations of a computer system in such a way as to make them reproducible. GitOps is a logical extension of this approach. Since 2017, the open source software Git controls the entire process of an application, from its administration to its final software development, as the “single source of truth”. To this end, GitOps defines a target state and, if necessary, adjusts the infrastructure until this state is reached.

Weaveworks unveils a set of best practices for unifying container monitoring methods. These apply to Kubernetes and other cloud-based technologies, making them easier to manage. Git is based on a version control system developed by Linus Torvald in 2005. This allows different teams to collaborate on a side project. Changes are adopted only after joint coordination and the old statutes are preserved. Developers can work on different aspects simultaneously and merge them together. You can access a full Git tutorial in our Digital Guide.

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