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Digital Communication

Git Rebase: integrating changes into a branch


An important feature of Git is the ability to work in parallel, alone or in a team, in different parts of a project to make changes, solve problems and benefit everyone by sharing the knowledge acquired. This works on the one hand through the use of local repositories, and on the other hand, at a lower level, through the use of forks called “branches”. It is possible to work in these independently on a modification without this having any influence on the rest of the project. To integrate changes from one branch into anotherthe version control software offers two options.

The Git Merge and Git Rebase commands are both for merging, although they are very different. Git Rebase is considered the most sophisticated solution. With this command, a series of commits is moved into a new base commit. The base of this commit is thus modified and an entire branch is placed at the head of another branch. To do this, Git Rebase rewrites the project’s history, creating new commits for the original branch’s commits. There are two main modes for Git Rebase: manual mode and interactive mode.

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