Digital Communication


Digital Communication

Git Push: add local content to the central repository


The Git software allows several people to work on development projects, quietly and without risk for each member of the coding team. This is made possible through the use of local individual repositories. Once complete, the changes can be pushed throughout the project with the Git Push command. This allows to addthe contents of your local repository in a remote repository, which other developers also have access to. Git Push is therefore a very important command in the course of the project.

The command functions as the counterpart of the Git Fetch or Git Pull commands. While Git Push pushes content from a remote repository to your local repository, Git Push goes the other way. These commands automate many simultaneous work steps (this is one of the differences between Git and SVN. Once the changes are made, all you have to do is add them to the remote repository. Warning: note that Git Push can overwrite other changesso the command should be used with caution.

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