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Digital Communication

Git Checkout: Switching Between Branches


In our Git and SVN comparison, the first has the significant advantage of being able to divide the project into different branches. These different branches of development allow developers to code simultaneously or independently on certain features and to make changes without risking jeopardizing the entire project. As new developments are first verified independently before being merged, teams can easily work in parallel. Git Checkout is a Git command that allows you to navigate between the different branches.

This allows developers to work in any specific branch of a project. Once the changes are made, they are saved in the project history. With Git Checkout, a branch’s working directory is updated and all new changes are saved to the current branch. Git Checkout is therefore not a read-only operation, but is very suitable for substantial modifications. This working method first of all offers increased security: in fact, the passage from one branch to another is not only fast, but also any errors do not have any negative repercussions on the complete structure of the project.

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