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FPS: what frame rate for videos and games?


FPS are a important criterion in the field of gaming. Moreover, they are regularly highlighted during the evaluation of these games. Indeed, unlike other media such as cinema or television, where the frame rate no longer changes once the video is finalized, in the case of a computer or console game, the number of frames is constantly recalculated, especially when a character moves through the game world.

So the frame rate of a game varied and its value does not remain constant. If your game environment changes often and needs to reload quickly, for example in the case of a racing simulation game, this permanent recalculation can give a jerky result if the FPS is too low.

Other criteria, such as latency, can also be improved thanks to a higher FPS frequency. With a higher number of frames per second, any action performed using the controller, keyboard or mouse can therefore more often result in an output image. Therefore, the action produces a more direct resultwithout having to calculate it first to render it later.

This factor is decisive, especially for first-person shooters, because aiming is easier. In practice, a higher frame rate, for example around 120 FPS, makes it easier to shoot. This is one of the reasons why the electronic sports rely heavily on particularly high frame rates; it is not uncommon to see FPS in three figures.

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