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Differential backups: secure your modifications


In general, a differential backup is suitable if the amount of data does not grow too much or if there are short intervals between each individual differential backup. For create and restore backups with ease, without having to go through software or a specialized deviceit may be a good idea to use a differential backup.

In typical backup strategies used by companies, there is often a full backup every week and differential backups every day. According to the 3-2-1 backup rule, at least one of these backups should be in the cloud. Due to the large amounts of data processed, incremental backups to the cloud are more common today.

the today’s most popular backup software can create incremental backups. For example, to back up on Mac, you can use the preinstalled “Time Machine” software, which generates incremental backups. Creating a backup in Windows 10 is pretty much the same whether you use Windows’ pre-installed backup system or the popular Robocopy tool. In either case, the backups created are incremental.

To create a server backup with rsync, you can create a differential backup. The result is a differential backup that contains the changes made since the last full backup in a separate directory. Let’s take a look at the individual steps:

To start, a full backup is created:

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