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Digital Communication

Dayz server: how to create a dedicated DayZ server


If you want to travel the world of DayZ with your friends without having your own server, you have the choice between the official serverswhich are public by defaultand the community servers, which are hosted by other users. However, you won’t be able to choose which other players can join the server, what mods are used, and when the server is online. You can only enjoy these freedoms with your own dedicated DayZ server.

If you have a computer with powerful hardware and one excellent internet connection, you can install and run your own DayZ server on your device. However, as soon as you turn off your PC or the Internet connection drops, the online adventure will be abruptly interrupted. Also, you cannot run the DayZ game client on the same device; so you will need another PC if you want to play as well.

If you instead rent a server from a provider to host a DayZ server, you won’t have to worry about things like internet connection or uptime. The proper functioning of the hardware is guaranteed, and you can give your full attention to the configuration and administration of the server.

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