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CS2 Server Domain: assign a domain to a CS2 server


You can equip your server with its own domain. This way, servers are more easily found. For game servers such as the Counter Strike 2 server, having your own server is an attractive option.

What are the prerequisites?

In order to assign a domain to your CS2 server, you first need a Counter Strike 2 server functional. You can configure it on Windows or Linux by installing the appropriate software and freeing the necessary ports.

If you have not yet installed your own CS2 server, our instructions will be useful to you:

So that your server can run on a domain and can be found by other players via domain name, you must have your own domain. A domain provider like IONOS allows you to register the domain name you want in just a few clicks.

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There are many domain extensions to choose from. In addition to the more well-known generic top-level domains, game servers often use so-called new domain extensions. These are for example:

  • .team
  • .community
  • .gg
  • .games

How to install a CS2 server domain, step by step?

If you want your Counter Strike 2 game server to be findable via your domain name, you must link to your domain. To do this, among other things, you must create new DNS records. If you have already used your domain in another setting, for example for another server or your own website, this is not a problem. You can simply reuse it for your CS2 server.

View data from your CS2 server

Firstly, it is essential to know where exactly does your Counter Strike 2 server work?. To do this, you need an IP address and a free port on your server.

In our example we show how to link the domain to your server in your IONOS account. If your server is hosted by another host, the GUI may differ from what is shown here. Adjust the corresponding steps accordingly.

To preview your CS2 server data and save it for later use, log in to your IONOS customer account and navigate to the “Servers and Cloud” section. Select the server you are using for your game server from the list. The IP address is then displayed directly.

The server IP address in a customer account
The IP address of your CS2 server can be found in your customer account.

To connect your CS2 server to a domain, you need a port and an IP address. These can be found in the “Network” section, on the left of the screen when navigating to the “Firewall Policies” tab. The server and free port are then displayed here.

Ports released from the server in the client account
You can view the ports you have shared for your CS2 server in your customer account.

Access the domain menu and DNS options

The next step is to access the Domain DNS options that you want to assign to your CS2 server. To do this, navigate to the “Domains and SSL” section of your customer account. A list of all domains is displayed. Select the domain you want to use for your CS2 server domain from the list. Click the gear icon and select “DNS” from the drop-down menu that opens to access DNS settings.

View your domains and DNS settings
You can now access the DNS settings of the domain you want to use as your CS2 server domain.

Create a DNS record

As we mentioned above, it is essential to define a DNS record (in the DNS settings) for your domain to connect to your Counter Strike 2 server.

You must then create what is called a A-Record. The “A” here stands for “Address” and is the most basic type of DNS record: it indicates the IP address of a given domain. To create an A record, click the “Add Record” button. Then select an A-Record as the recording type from the list. You must enter three parameters when creating an A record:

  • Hostname : By assigning a hostname, you can create a subdomain for your CS2 server. Enter for example “counterstrike” and the address counterstrike.example.orgwill be created. If you only use your domain for Counter Strike, you can also enter a wildcard character in the form of @. The server will then be accessible at the address
  • Points to : Enter the IP address of your Counter Strike 2 server here.
  • TTL : The TTL defines how often the Domain Name System (DNS) checks the DNS record and makes changes. The shorter the delay, the quicker the changes are taken into account.
Create a new A-Record
By creating an A record, you ensure that your server’s IP address is associated with your CS2 server domain.

Establish a connection between client and server

For this last step, you and your teammates must connect to the CS2 server on which the domain will be used. Instead of typing your IP address, you can now type the name of the created domain.

Add a CS2 server per domain
You can now search for the CS2 server by entering the domain name.

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