Digital Communication


Digital Communication

Crafting the Perfect Newsletter Subject | Practical Guide


So that the newsletter is not sent directly to the spam filter, pay close attention to the words chosen in your subject line. Some emails are interpreted as junk mail by couriers. And while you may think that very outspoken slogans are the fastest way to grab customers’ attention, modern spam filters are exactly geared to recognize these word combinations and often remove them from mailboxes. receipt before the recipient even sees them. A low opening rate will give you the flea in your ear, but it will be too late! Typical characteristics of spam emails are excessive use of intrusive phrases and prompts, capital letters, exclamation marks, dashes, symbols and trade terms.

Examples not to follow:


“♥♥♥HOT DATES for tonight♥♥♥”

“Receive now quickly CASH !!!!!!!! »

“€€€ Make money right away €€€”

“What are you still waiting for??? »

“Important message for you! »

“Get it now! »

“Click HERE ☞☞☞”

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