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Comparison of grammar checkers


Here too, theartificial intelligence is put at the service of grammar and spelling, with 25 years of experience at the key. It is therefore not surprising to find this software at the base of other grammatical correction offers, such as This grammar tool prides itself on being the most efficient on the market with a correction rate reaching 90% for grammar and 99% for spelling. You can track spelling and grammar mistakes with the corrector in its free online version, up to 1,000 words. However, its functions are limited to grammar and spelling. The paid version of the French grammar checker is aimed at professionals with more extensive functions such as typographical correction, syntactic analysis, writing aids and thematic dictionaries. This software has a vast text analysis capacity thanks to dictionaries containing more than 190,000 definitions and 4.6 million synonymic links in total. The correction engine benefits from constant improvement thanks to machine learning that relies on artificial intelligence and feeds on the mistakes of thousands of users.

In addition to its extension for Google Chrome, this grammar checker integrates into Microsoft Office office suites (Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint), OpenOffice and LibreOffice, as well as many messaging services such as Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo mail and Orange Mail. Added to this is the possibility of integrating the grammar checker into its own applications by SaaS.

A look at the major features:

  • Advantages : high precision of corrections, intuitive handling instead of the usual Microsoft basic corrector, analysis boosted by AI, richness of the corpus of dictionaries used, vast possibilities of transparent integration.
  • Disadvantages: the rather high price and the paid update. Free Internet version limited to 1,000 words, excluding stylistic and typographical corrections.
  • Price : price of 119 € in single purchase and paid update (59 €). Other variants are available on request (Cordial Business, Cordial Dico).
  • Compatible with WordPress: nope.
  • Compatible with which systems: Windows.
  • Multilingualism: nope.
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