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Digital Communication

Blogging Tools: Which Programs Are Really Worth It?


Google AdSense is the best-known online ad placement program. It was set up in 2003 by Google and has since grown steadily. AdSense allows you to integrate advertisements or web banners into your web platforms. Revenues returned to advertisers amount to billions of euros worldwide. So you can’t miss this tool for your blog.

Google AdSense has become the largest online advertising provider in the world. Before being able to broadcast an advertisement through it, it is necessary to register. Then it is possible to insert advertising blocks in the form of banners or links in your blog. Each click on these advertising media brings the advertiser, thanks to the work of the algorithms, a small remuneration.

If you want to register for Google AdSense, you must first create a google account. Note, it is necessary to have reached the age of majority and to be authorized to manage a blog or website. To receive commissions, it is necessary to provide bank details upon registration. As soon as you have earned more than 70 euros through advertisements, Google makes a bank transfer. If thereafter, your commissions are higher, you will receive a transfer every month.

To generate clicks, you can opt for advertising banners or links. It is possible tovisually adapt your advertising units so that their presentation fits better into your blog. The majority of banners are set by Google in the user interface. However, the publisher can decide on the placement of the advertisement himself. In addition, it should be noted that the remuneration will also depend on ad placement. A banner placed on a homepage naturally generates a higher commission than if it were placed on another page that is more difficult to access. The maximum number of advertising blocks per page is three banners and three theme blocks.

The remuneration paid by Google ultimately depends on many criteria. The number of impressions (ie the number of times the ad appears) will be decisive, but the behavior of Internet users on your blog will also influence the level of remuneration. Additionally, Google will also take into account the extent of competition for your topics. If you count many visits thanks to a single themethe pay will be higher.

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