Digital Communication


Digital Communication

Anonymous: origins, objectives and actions of the hacker collective


Anonymous (from ancient Greek meaning “nameless”) is an activist collective that since 2008 has been bringing attention to freedom of expression, internet independence and copyright through protest actions. Certain writers, various organisations, state authorities and international groups have already been targeted. The means of action are mainly cyberattacks and public demonstrations, involved activists appearing in both cases anonymously. The people who are concretely hiding behind the collective are therefore not known, either to the public or to the criminal authorities who are investigating the actions, which are mostly illegal.

Only a few cases of arrests have given Anonymous a face in recent years, at least in part. Probably the most well-known member reveal is the one related to the LulzSec hacker groupdismantled in 2012: the co-founder, Hector Monsegurand two team members, Jeremy Hammond and Mustafa Al-Bassamhave been identified as belonging to Anonymous.

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