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Digital Communication

Algorithms: definition and applications – IONOS


Algorithms are not limited to languages ​​and methods, nor to specific application domains. As they are used to solve problems, they symbolize a way of acting and proceeding that works by different variables and sequences of steps. These can be route calculation for GPS, recommendation systems for e-commerce, Real-Time Advertising for the intelligent distribution of advertisements in real time, as well as translation and computer simulation applications.

Especially in the area of ​​Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), algorithms are playing an increasingly important role. With the digitization and the ubiquity of smart technologies such as smartphones, connected watches as well as AI embedded in vehicles or smart homes, the amount of data generated is becoming astronomical.

This requires not only computers and servers with adequate computing power, but also algorithms to organize, evaluate, process or use quantities of data. For example, autonomous driving is possible through sensors that trigger vehicle actions based on incoming data. Mathematical computer algorithms also play a decisive role in the development of climate simulations.

Without algorithms, there is no functional search engine or pathfinding in computing. Research, analysis and indexing of websites is done by programs called crawlers. These crawlers catalog and index data using the search engine algorithm. In turn, ranking and finding search results depend on optimal cataloging. The search engine algorithm therefore also serves as a guideline for an effective SEO strategy.

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