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Digital Communication

_target in HTML: how to easily define links for your website


To manage hyperlinks on your website, the HTML target attribute proves to be an essential tool. With this attribute, you create the deep link window. If a visitor to your home page clicks a link, a new page opens by default in the current tab or window on your website. If you don’t want this, you can define with _target that the link opens in a new tab or on a second page. This has the advantage that visitors stay longer on your site and do not leave for another.

However, this practice is subject to criticism. Unless your website visitors have made this adjustment themselves, you intervene in their own choice as a user and open a new page or tab without them wanting it. This is the reason why this possibility was temporarily prohibited and only returned in HTML 5. It is now recommended to use the target _blank command in HTML only when leaving the page would cause data loss. Thus, it is the user who chooses. You will discover how _target works in the rest of this detailed article.

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